What Do You Need To Know About EAP

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EAP is the abbreviation of the English Academic Preparation or in some cases English for Academic Purpose. This is the English language program that is conducted for the students who apply for the scholarships or the admissions in the foreign countries. In order to get admission in these countries, they require the English test or IELTS. Therefore, in order to fulfill this requirement and to pass the English test the EAP preparations and EAP lessons are conducted by various English language schools.

The EAP is actually the 5-stage test program. The duration for this consists of the total of the 12 weeks. Australia and many other countries demand the test for the academic purposes. Through this 12 to 14-week program of the EAP you are able to learn the full time close courses based on English language. The stages or the five levels of the EAP determines the difficulty level. The first level is the very basic level for the beginners and the as the level increases the difficult rises up to the advanced level. The courses and the contents of the EAP lessons may vary for different English language schools but the basics are the same. Students enrolled in this course go through the English lessons of different type throughout the semester. There are lessons in the form of communication which could either be oral or the written ones. At the end of every semester or level the students go through the tests. Students who are able to perform well and earn good grades in this test are promoted to the next level.

After the five levels then there comes the EAP Bridging program which contains the further high levels such as the level 6 and 7. These are meant for the students who are above intermediate level but are still not fully advanced. The EAP lessons in Melbourne for these levels consist of the critical writing activities and the academic writings as well. Not only these levels have the course related to only the English but it also involves the courses from the student’s major. Then the final step comes which is the stage designed for the students applying for the graduation studies. This is referred as the EAP graduating program in which the students learn a lot more new things and courses than the previous levels. They learn to write on various topics and learn different styles and rules of the academic writing.