Make Your Home Your Child’s First School

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Your home is the first place where your child learns to walk, talk and eat. none other place can be so pleasurable for him/her than at home because he/she is surrounded with their loved ones and people who take care of them the most. How are you going to be your child’s first teach in developing their social, language, communicating, and other skills? This is why we came up with some helpful tips for you. Take a look!
Developing their language skillsYou start talking with your baby from the day they are born and sometimes from the day you conceive. This helps them to build their language skills in so many ways. Within few months they will respond to their name and try out simple words. Baby talk will be their first milestone and then they will try to pick words. You need to talk to them in a simple and clear manner. Avoid using baby talk once they are old enough to talk properly. Also don’t ignore when they start saying their long stories about what happened to their friend at school or at kindergarten. You need to listen to them and encourage their speaking. If there are many mistakes, make sure to correct them. Also read to them, pick rhyming books and simple stories. Then discuss.Appreciate their good work your child will help you to bring things near to you and do little cleaning. Appreciate them and teach them good things like respecting elders, to say “thank you”, do wash their hands, to eat without spilling and to arrange their toys. Simple things like this will run a long way in their life and this is why you need to teach them in an age like this. Don’t forget to kiss them, hug them and appreciate for their good work. They will feel even more motivated in doing so. Even preschools and kindergarten teach them all these good values but its best when they all trained from home, also check this international primary schools in Hong Kong.
Mingling with their same-age friendsYou can invite neighboring children who are in the same age to play with your child. This will help them create friendships and play with them. Some kids are too shy to mingle with others and you can decrease this problem by letting them play and communicate with others. This also helps them to develop their social skills. To understand others, respect their feelings, express their emotions and to play fair are some of those benefits that will come in your baby’s way.
You can take them out to the parks as well. Or if you want you can create a separate play area in your house or garden. A cubby house, swings, see-saws, sliders and other play equipment will be great to give your baby uplift in their playing skills at home. You too need to play with them to show that you appreciate and enjoy it.