Activities For A Successful Bonding Experience

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In every working environment it is a must that everyone is working well with each other because if the work place is filled with different issues, it does not only affect the employees physically, their wok will also be affected. It will result to more working problems and working deficiency. To prevent this from happening, the companies’ management should make the first step, by pursuing team bonding activities or team building activities, which are use to enhance social relations and to clarify team member’s roles as well as solving task and other interpersonal problems that affect team function.
Different kind of team building activities:
Back to back drawing
In this activity, the group is divided into pairs and the pairs will sit on the floor with back to back. The organizer will provide an each pair with a picture of a shape and hand the other person with a pencil and pad of paper. Then the person holding the pencil will ask the person holding the picture to give verbal instructions on how to draw the shape. After the drawing is finished, the pairs will face each other and compare the original picture to the one drawn.
Survival Scenario
This particular activity forces the group to communicate to ensure the survival of the team. The organizer will tell the group that their plane has just crashed in the ocean, there is a dessert island nearby and there lifeboat has room for every person plus additional 12 items they will need to survive in the island. The organizer will instruct the team to decide and rank the item they have chosen.
Human Spring
This activity requires the group members to stand and face each other in pairs. Every individual should bend their elbows with their palms facing each other. They will be instructed to touch their palms together and gradually lean towards each other. Then, they will be instructed to move their feet further and further back, so that they can depend to their partner to remain standing still.
Sneak a Peek Game
This problem solving game requires a set of people who are going to build a small sculpture and they will hide it from the group. The participants are divided in a group of four; they will be given enough material to duplicate the structures that are already built. The structure their going to copy is placed in an equal distance where the each team can have the same time to look for 10seconds to memorize the sculpture and return to their team. When they have returned, they will try to recreate the sculpture, after a minute, a team member is allowed to “sneak a peek” in the original sculpture. The game continuous until one of the team has successfully duplicated the sculpture. This will effectively teach participants to communicate well with the group and solve the problem together.
These team bonding activities in Melbourne can only be possible if the participants are willing to cooperate and are open to the possibility of team work. These activities are useless for those who do not understand the goal of the activity.